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5 Signs My Mom Drinks Too Much

moms drinking too much

Is your Mom’s health at risk from repeated heavy drinking? Here are five signs that could mean your mom drinks too much:

1. Your Mom Drinks Wine Every Night

Cute memes about moms drinking wine are sprinkled on social media sites on a regular basis. The concept has become so common and so widely accepted that it’s not unusual to see a reference to moms drinking wine on infant onesies and toddler’s t-shirts. While an occasional glass of wine probably isn’t anything to worry about, if your mom is drinking every night, she might suffer from use or addiction.

2. Your Mom Is Slow To Wake Up In The Morning

The fact is that most moms who drink wine aren’t getting fall-down drunk when they do it. Instead, they’re having a glass of wine to help them relax as they deal with a toddler who’s clinging to their leg while they help their middle-schooler with homework and fix dinner. You might not even notice any difference in her behavior as your mom continues in her nightly routine. However, all that alcohol can make it difficult for her to wake up in the morning, suggesting she may have overdone it.

3. She Neglects Her Day-To-Day Responsibilities

Every once and a while, your mom neglects to follow through on household chores or other responsibilities she normally attends to. This could be the result of intoxication or having too much to drink, as well as being sick from drinking. Because of her alcohol use, she’s not taking as much care with other members of the family or not fulfilling her obligations at work.

4. Your Mom Continues To Drink Even Though It Causes Problems

Alcohol is such an accepted way for people in the United States to socialize, unwind after a long day, and cope with stressful situations that it can be difficult to realize when it becomes an issue. One major sign of alcohol addiction is continuing to drink when it causes problems. Maybe your Mom was recently sad or depressed from overdrinking but turned to a glass of wine to improve her mood. Maybe her doctor noted that she has hypertension and recommends that she stops drinking. Even though she was warned about it, she continues to drink anyway.

5. She Gets Into Car Accidents

You might notice your mom is getting more and more reckless when it comes to her driving. She might have a minor fender bender out on the road or she could misjudge the distance and scrape the car’s fender as she pulls into the garage. If her drinking increases her chances of getting hurt, like driving recklessly, it might suggest she needs a professional alcohol rehabilitation program to overcome her addiction to alcohol.

How To Get Your Mom To Stop Drinking

Vertava Health Mississippi understands that life today is stressful, especially for mothers who struggle with the balancing act of raising children, holding a job, and living a fulfilling life. Understanding that treatment can make all the difference in your mom’s health and her ability to enjoy life to the fullest is something that our compassionate staff excels at sharing. We offer a wide range of treatment options that are tailored to your mom’s individual needs and situation. We also understand how important your mom’s family is to her, so we encourage their involvement and support. Contact us today to learn more.