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The Dangerous Facts Of Shake And Bake Meth

woman learning about the dangerous facts of shake and bake meth

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is one of the more dangerous drugs out there right now, for many reasons. One of the most hazardous forms of this substance is shake and bake meth. But, what is shake and bake meth? How can people addicted to meth end their use of this drug?

The meth addiction treatment program at Vertava Health is a safe place where people can heal from their use of meth. If you or someone you care about might benefit from meth addiction treatment in Mississippi, reach out to our team today at 844.470.0410 or connect with us online.

What Is Meth?Why Is It So Dangerous?

Meth is a drug that is produced in a chemical process and is a stimulant that directly affects a person’s central nervous system. Because it’s a stimulant, it produces short term effects like:

  • Surges of energy and alertness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Decreased appetite

One of the reasons it’s so dangerous is how addictive it is, and another is how short its effects are. Another reason, though, is how easy it is for people to make the drug at home, in a small garage, or even in their car, but also because of how toxic the process and its waste is.

Since the ingredients for making some forms of meth are available at the grocery store or a gas station it can be a difficult drug to stop from spreading. That led to the United States creating strict laws for the sale of one ingredient, pseudoephedrine, which is in some decongestants and diet pills. On top of all those things, though, there is a specific method called “shake and bake” that is even quicker and more mobile, one that creates smaller batches of meth. It’s incredibly dangerous and not just because it produces an addictive substance.

What Is Shake And Bake Meth?

So, what is shake and bake meth? The “shake and bake” method simplifies the process of making meth and makes it a lot more mobile than other processes. When not using this method, someone producing meth needs quite a bit of equipment: things that it is difficult to hide the purchase of, including specific chemicals.

The reason it’s called shake and bake meth is the chemical processes that are used to create meth are generally taking place inside a two-liter bottle, the kind that is most commonly sold containing carbonated drinks. Someone puts the ingredients inside, shakes the bottle, and lets it “bake” for a certain length of time. When they shake the bottle, it is combining the ingredients.

Once that process finishes, the bottle will end up with a small amount of meth inside. Even though this method produces a much smaller amount of the drug than other methods, there are other factors that make it a commonly used production method.

Shake and bake meth contains chemicals such as:

  • Solvents
  • Metals
  • Salts
  • Strong acids or bases

Shake and Bake Meth Dangers

Meth is a product of a chemical process. Not only is it using dangerous chemicals to break down substances, but in the process, it is producing dangerous chemicals as well. A larger meth lab, one that isn’t in a pop bottle, can sometimes be recognizable from a distance due to these chemicals.

Meth labs can often be discovered due to the smells they are producing, which can be similar to rotten eggs or even cat urine. This is because two of the smells often associated with meth labs are ammonia and ether. Houses that contain meth labs, therefore, need strong ventilation to ensure the chemicals are being vented out, rather than staying inside. So imagine putting a version of that process, one that is capable of killing you, into a bottle that you shake up.

Getting Help for Meth Addiction

Meth can take hold of you quickly due to how short its effects last, only because this can lead to a cycle of crashing and bingeing. Since meth addiction affects a person’s central nervous system so quickly, but only produces a euphoric effect for about thirty minutes, so the urge to use more can hit quickly.

One of the ways to break this cycle is to enroll in a treatment and drug detox center. Getting treatment  is an important first step toward recovery, and specifically getting help for meth use is important due to the possible difficulties of detox. But those difficulties don’t have to be faced alone or dealt with by quitting “cold turkey,” which can be extremely dangerous for detoxing from certain substances.

Avoid the Dangers of Shake and Bake Meth at Vertava Health Mississippi

At Vertava Health Mississippi, our team recognzies that meth is one of the most dangerous substances that people use. Our meth addiction treatment program in Mississippi helps people face and overcome their use of meth. Learn more about how we can help you or someone you care about with meth addiction by calling 844.470.0410 or reaching out to us online.