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Opioid Addiction Treatment

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Vertava Opioid Addiction Treatment LPOpioid addiction has impacted individuals, families, and communities throughout the United States and beyond. Highly addictive prescription pain relievers, as well as illicit opioids like heroin, can quickly cause dependency and addiction. However, Vertava Health Mississippi offers an opioid addiction treatment program that can make a difference. Through evidence-based and holistic approaches to treatment, we’ll help you make lasting changes in your life.

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How Opioid Addiction Develops

There is no one reason opioid addiction forms. Opioids are similar to other substances and drugs in that way because all instances of addiction are a combination of many factors like genetics, exposure to use, trauma, and socio-economic status.

There are a number of drugs classified as opioids. These include:

All of these prescription opioids (and non-prescription versions as well) interact with opioid receptors in the brain and body. Opioids, whether they’re naturally occurring like the poppy plant which is used to make heroin, or fentanyl which is synthesized in a laboratory, have chemical structures that activate the opioid receptors.

Opioids alter how the brain processes information regarding pain and pleasure. That means when someone is taking opioids for pain relief, they can become dependent on the drug to feel normal. Their body may become used to the drug helping them feel less/no pain so when the drug is not present, their brains and body begin to feel abnormal.

Depending on how long the drugs are taken, this can turn into an addiction. Addiction is defined by the urge to use the drug at all costs, finding it and taking it no matter what it will take. Since the brain and body are changing due to the drug, arriving at a place where someone feels they have to have the drug is a possibility.

Effective Opioid Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health Mississippi

Detoxing from opioids—which means ceasing to take the drug and letting it leave your system completely—can be dangerous. Enrolling in an opioid treatment center will ensure you or your loved one is medically monitored and stays comfortable.

Opioid addiction treatment has to be developed for the individual so it addresses the unique needs of that person. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) can be utilized to help patients begin to address their thoughts, emotions, and actions. Group therapy can help patients gain perspective on their struggles, and family therapy can encourage better communication and problem-solving skills.

Some patients may need to begin their recovery by receiving medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. Quitting cold turkey can be dangerous due to how the body may react to suddenly having no more opioids in its system. Utilizing ongoing MAT, therapy, and a network of support can help someone who is struggling with addiction realize they are not alone and there is a way forward into long-term recovery.

Learn More About Opioid Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health Mississippi

Beginning and maintaining recovery from opioid addiction can be challenging. But you are strong enough to accomplish this, and the team at Vertava Health Mississippi is here to support you every step of the way. Our opioid rehab center in Mississippi utilizes your strength and resilience to help you change your life.

Call us today at 844.470.0410 to talk about starting opioid addiction treatment for you or someone you love. Recovering from opioid use is possible with help from our treatment center. Someone is here every day, at any time, and is ready to talk about making a change. Let’s make today the first day in a journey of recovery.