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A good addiction treatment program is multi-disciplined in nature, embodying a holistic mindset that employs various treatments and modalities that work together to create a solid foundation for you to build your recovery upon. Mississippi Drug And Alcohol Detoxification

A Holistic Perspective On Detoxification From Drugs

Let’s define detox here, so we all know what it means exactly. Alcohol detoxification is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a verb meaning “to remove a harmful substance (such as a poison or toxin) or the effect of such from [your body].” It’s a process that involves abstinence, which means “to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice.” Both of these things, detoxification, and abstinence lead to sobriety.

Sobriety doesn’t occur only due to a singular event or intervention, rather it is a culmination of steps that works a person towards a healthier, drug-free life. Seeking treatment is the first step. However, once you’re enrolled in our care, detoxing from your substance of misuse is where our program begins.

Detox Isn’t Just Physical

Contrary to what some people may think, detox does not simply address the physical ramifications of an addiction, though this is certainly the predominant focus. Detox occurs on all the levels that damage has occurred: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In order for treatment to have a lasting effect, we need to not only cleanse your body but to remove the lingering negative effects that the drugs or alcohol had on your psyche.

To begin the process, we will address the physical implications of the drug use by providing you, or your loved one, with a medically-supervised detox.

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Understanding The Importance Of A Medically-Supervised Detox 

When a person uses drugs or alcohol on a regular basis, the excessive amounts of the substance exert a toxic burden on a person’s system, creating numerous physiological and chemical changes within a person’s body and brain. After prolonged and excessive substance use, your brain’s actual chemistry changes. This is because your brain becomes reliant on the presence of these chemicals, and in their absence, it reacts in what is otherwise known as withdrawal.

Withdrawal encompasses a set of very uncomfortable symptoms that vary depending on the substance. In the most serious of cases, such as with severe alcohol withdrawal, withdrawal could even be fatal. Due to these things, and the fact that withdrawal—if untreated—can be highly unbearable, we strongly recommend that you never attempt to undergo it on your own.

Instead, we invite you or your family member to Vertava Health Mississippi, to experience both exceptional care and support through this tumultuous time. Our medically-supervised detox will allow you to be as safe and comfortable during this transition as is possible. We employ only the finest in the field; our physician-led, multi-specialty staff consists of caring family and psychiatric nurse practitioners and licensed or certified Master’s-level therapists, among others who will take an active role in your around-the-clock care. Mississippi Drug And Alcohol Detoxification Our medically-supervised detox

Caring And Compassionate Methods to Help You To Stay On Track

One of the greatest risks of unsupervised withdrawal is the danger of returning to the drugs or alcohol as a means to put an end to the intolerable feelings you’re experiencing. This is just a stopgap measure, one that does nothing in the long term to address the underlying issues. It only serves to further perpetuate the damage that occurs at the hand of drugs or alcohol and does nothing to help heal your body or get you closer to a drug-free life.

During withdrawal, a person is apt to experience potentially intense and prolonged cravings. This is one of the predominant reasons why Vertava Health Mississippi enlists the aid of certain medications that are designed to help you during this time.

Understanding The Role Of Medical Detox

Quitting drugs or alcohol suddenly, without weaning yourself, can be very dangerous. This is why Vertava Health Mississippi’s trained clinicians will gradually taper you off of your substance of use, with the goal of allowing your body and mind to gradually acclimate while experiencing the smallest measure of discomfort as possible.

Certain drugs of use exert a larger toll on a person’s neurochemistry and may require the support of medications. The most typical cases include instances of opioid and alcohol use.

Withdrawals From Drugs During Detox

When opioids are cause for concern, we turn to a medication that upholds a standard of care backed by countless scientific studies. Within our opioid detox, we utilize Suboxone®, a blend of buprenorphine, and naloxone that effectively tempers withdrawal and reduces your cravings. In the situation of alcohol use, we may also utilize medications as deemed fit by your supervising care team. Beyond this, we may use a variety of non-addictive medications to treat other concerns, such as any accompanying agitation or anxiety that is present during withdrawal.

During withdrawal, you might begin to feel agitated, out of sorts, or experience intense bouts of anxiety. Though medications may help with this, good treatment goes beyond a medicinal approach. At times during the withdrawal process, you might need the comfort that only another person can offer.

Our compassionate staff is standing by to offer you an attentive ear or a distraction—whether it be from a conversation or an activity that you can undergo while you’re engaging in treatment. Either way, we will do everything in our power to make sure your every need is met throughout the duration of your care with our team here at Vertava Health Mississippi. Mississippi Drug And Alcohol Detoxification Within our opioid detox

Debunking The Dangerous Myth Surrounding Medications In Drug Treatment

Even today, with the plethora of advances and breakthroughs we are constantly witnessing with the growing awareness and commitment to addiction treatment, there are still some that mistakenly—and quite harmfully—think that using medications is representative of weakness or continuation of the problem (by using one medication in place of another). Nothing could be further from the truth.

Utilizing these medications during treatment not only increases retention rates, but it grants a person a greater opportunity to access the remainder of their residential treatment sooner, with a clearer mind. This allows them increased measures of time and focus devoted to bolstering the coping and life skills that are necessary for the continued demands of recovery.

Please, take time to consider this: you are not weak for allowing us to help you with medications, but infinitely strong and brave for choosing the path that grants you the greatest repertoire of treatment and skills that foster a drug-free life.

Experiencing The Full Spectrum Of Care

Research shows that individuals who do not experience treatment after drug detox have a greater tendency to revert back to the harmful drug-seeking patterns and behaviors of substance use. In order to circumvent this, we have created an entire spectrum of care that follows our detox protocol.

After we ensure that your body is cleansed from drugs or alcohol, we will commit ourselves towards ensuring that the remainder of your treatment is as fulfilling and in-depth as possible. As we’ve noted before, we will adapt and modify our treatment to the unique demands of your life.

At Vertava Health Mississippi, our treatment encompasses a variety of powerful treatment modalities, including our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program, individual and group therapy, treatment for co-occurring disorders, family addiction counseling, and even art and animal therapy.

Our staff takes every measure to ensure that you leave our facility confident, grounded and experiencing a higher state of health and mindfulness. Mississippi Drug And Alcohol Detoxification After we ensure that your body is cleansed from drugs or alcohol

Find Out How You Can Cleanse, Renew And Reinvest In Your Life After Detox

Overcoming an addiction isn’t easy. In fact, it can at times be incredibly hard. That’s why we’re here. At Vertava Health Mississippi, every one of our staff members intimately understands the intensity of your time here, and the importance of your final goal: sobriety. So please, reach out, take the time to contact us and learn more about how our individualized and attentive program can put you on a better path towards wellness. Call us today with any questions. (844) 551-7335

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a detox?

During a detox program you will be abstaining from taking the substance you are detoxing from. That means you won’t be ingesting any of it. This does not mean quitting “cold turkey” because that is when you just stop taking the substance, whether it is drugs or alcohol, with nothing to assist you. Vertava Health Mississippi is a detox facility that has medically-supervised detox which means your health and wellness are monitored closely by licensed medical professionals. Withdrawal symptoms differ for each substance and the medically-assisted detox uses non-addictive medications to help lessen the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. It’s important to remember that detoxing from certain drugs, and detoxing from long-term alcohol use, can result in death. This is why Vertava Health Mississippi utilizes medically-supervised detox.

How long does it take to detox your body?

It differs from substance to substance and can also differ based on how long a person has been struggling with use. For alcohol detox, the typical stay lasts around one month, though that can be extended out to two months if the clinical assessment shows it is needed. Alcohol detox can be very dangerous and even result in death, particularly for someone who has been struggling with alcohol use for longer than five years. Opioids can typically be detoxed between seven and 10 days, and detoxing from benzodiazepine can last between two and eight weeks. There is no such thing as a safe, healthy 24-hour detox.

Can I do a detox while on medication?

If this means prescription medication for a pre-existing condition unrelated to the substance use, it largely depends on the medication and the substances being detoxed, and will always be decided by the clinical assessment done before you begin detox. Drugs and alcohol affect both your mind and body, and specifically, they have large effects on your brain chemistry, which will be changing rapidly when detoxing from a substance. For instance, detoxing from alcohol can lead to seizures or delirium tremens, so depending on what medication you are taking, it could potentially have to be eliminated for the length of the detox. It all depends though, and there isn’t really one rule that applies to every case.

The other possible answer here is yes, Vertava Health Mississippi uses medication-assisted detox as a safe and reliable detox method. That means we administer medications to help with physical withdrawal symptoms and can even prescribe and use medications to help with mental changes. Drug detox can be deadly in certain cases, as can alcohol detox, so we take every precaution to make sure you are safe. We monitor all detox patients 24/7 and guarantee to do so with compassion and understanding. We’re here for you.