There’s no quick fix for drug or alcohol addiction.  Your work in recovery may be intensive – but as many of our alumni can attest, it’s also deeply rewarding and ultimately, lifesaving.  At Vertava Health Mississippi, we believe our proven expertise and evidence-based approach sets us apart on the journey to better health.

We meet the highest standards for quality and safety of care.

Only a handful of addiction treatment centers in the United States have earned accreditation from the Joint Commission, the industry’s gold standard for thorough, independent review.  Our Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation proves we have continuously met the Commission’s safety performance standards.  These are recognized by state authorities, insurers, and other third parties. We’ll also continue to strengthen our efforts to provide the highest quality of recovery care.


We treat the WHOLE person, not just the addiction.

Your unique personal history – including life circumstances, medical history, mental health, past substance abuse, and circle of support – drives your plan of care at Vertava Health Mississippi.  We give you the best chance for success by integrating treatment for your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.  Our expertise in co-occurring disorder care ensures that you’ll receive effective treatment for any mental health conditions that occur alongside the addiction.

We help you master practical skills that can transform your life.

The foundation of our treatment is evidence-based methods and techniques led by licensed and certified staff members. These treatment modalities have been proven to be an effective treatment method for people struggling with substance use disorders.

We optimize your recovery with an exceptional care team.

The strength and depth of our clinical team guide many patient success stories at Vertava Health Mississippi.  Our two medical directors have a combined 50+ years of experience with special expertise in addiction medicine and Suboxone therapy for opioid dependence.  Our licensed therapists are trained to treat adults with substance use disorders as well as emotional and psychological traumas such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.  All of our team members work together to help you create a healthy, drug-free life.

Your Care Doesn’t End When You Leave Us:

Recovery is a lifelong journey that requires diligence and daily resolve. At Vertava Health Mississippi, we offer a strong aftercare program, relapse prevention planning, and support from our valuable alumni network.  Our commitment to continuing care includes ongoing skills training, peer fellowship meetings, and other resources to help you sustain recovery from addiction.