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Anger Management and Addiction Treatment

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Vertava Anger Management LPAnger and addiction can be intrinsically linked. This emotion may precipitate your drug or alcohol use—you may use these substances as a way to temper the effects of this emotion and other stressful situations (self-medicating)—or this emotion may arise from the drug or alcohol use itself. As the substance use wreaks havoc on your life, you may become angry at yourself and feel responsible for the damage it’s incurring. An anger management program, when incorporated into addiction treatment, can be a highly effective way to promote lasting sobriety and relapse prevention.

Learn more about anger management and addiction treatment at Vertava Health Mississippi by connecting with our team today at 844.470.0410 or by reaching out online. We offer various co-occurring disorder treatments.

The Connection Between Anger Issues and Addiction

A person may be angry that they can’t control their life or addiction, angry that they’re hurting those they love, or they might even be angry at the people they love for not understanding them or hurting them in some other manner. As these situations worsen and as a person avoids dealing with them in a proactive and healthy manner, both anger and the drugs or alcohol used as coping mechanisms take hold.

Sometimes this happens slowly—a person may not even realize that this is what they’re doing in the beginning. After a stressful or upsetting day or after a confrontation that has unsettled them, a person may pour themselves a drink to relax or unwind. Eventually, for some people, this becomes a habit. They begin to find themselves turning to drugs or alcohol to mute their emotions most every time they arise. They begin to lose the ability to cope with stressful situations on their own. This is a slippery slope and a vicious cycle and is why Vertava Health Mississippi offers anger management in addition to addiction treatment.

How an Anger Management and Addiction Treatment Program Can Help

For anger and co-occurring addiction issues, you must be mindful of treating the root of the anger problem, in addition to addressing the anger itself. It is only then, when the proper care and attention are given to all these circumstances, including the substance use, that you set the foundation for a strong and lasting recovery.

Fortunately, there are a number of successful options for people that struggle with anger and addiction, whether it’s to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit substances. Anger management therapy can include either individual or group therapy or support groups. Regardless of the form it takes, anger management and addiction treatment will help you with your:

It is important to have an open and honest dialogue with your therapist about your history, including the anger, any co-occurring mental health disorders that may precede or aggravate it, and your substance use. This will help them to determine the best approach for your anger management therapy. Our personalized, evidence-based approach to treatment can help you rebuild your life.

Anger Management and Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health Mississippi

Working towards sobriety and sustainable recovery requires hard work and determination. Our anger management treatment center in Mississippi can help you make lasting changes in your life. In addition to anger management and addiction treatment, we offer programs to treat co-occurring anxiety and depression disorders.

Learn more about our anger management and addiction treatment program in Mississippi by connecting with our team today at 844.470.0410 or by reaching out to us online. We’re here to help you heal and begin life with a fresh start.