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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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an adult male sits with his therapist in his intensive outpatient program in southaven ms

Residential treatment programs are not the only effective form of addiction treatment. A daytime intensive outpatient program can also provide the support you need. 

Call Vertava Health Mississippi at 844.470.0410 if you are looking for an addiction treatment center that provides daytime outpatient care.

What Is IOP Rehab in Southaven, MS, Like?

In the context of addiction treatment, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a type of drug rehab that allows patients to live at home and receive treatment during the day.

IOPs are recommended for those with career or family responsibilities that don’t allow them to attend a residential program for 30 or more days. They are also appropriate for those who have already completed an inpatient rehab program and need continued support in a less restrictive environment.

Our IOP rehab in Southaven, MS, offers the same evidence-based therapies, compassionate professional support, and high-level medical care as our residential program but with a more flexible schedule.

Typically, the therapy schedule includes several hours of treatment a day, Monday through Friday. Patients are free to return home at the end of the treatment day.

For individuals who don’t need a high level of supervision or 24-hour access to medical care, an intensive outpatient program in Southaven, MS, is equally as effective as a residential program. According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, outcomes for inpatient and outpatient programs are comparable.

What Kinds of Services Are Available from a Daytime Intensive Outpatient Program?

The flexibility provided by our intensive outpatient program in Southaven, MS, makes it possible for more people to receive the treatment they need. Treatments and services that are available through our daytime intensive outpatient program include:

After conducting a thorough assessment, our providers will carefully construct your treatment program based on your needs.

Am I a Good Candidate for IOP Rehab in Southaven, MS?

People choose intensive outpatient programs for several reasons. After completing inpatient treatment, you may decide on outpatient services as a stand-alone or step-down treatment. An IOP’s goals are the same as those of a residential program. They include:

  • Maintain abstinence
  • Participate in support group meetings
  • Achieve behavioral changes that support sobriety
  • Develop a support system
  • Address psychosocial issues, such as finding employment or housing
  • Improve problem-solving skills

If these goals align with your personal goals, you are likely a good candidate for outpatient services.

Who Can Benefit from IOP Rehab in Southaven, MS?

Intensive outpatient programs are designed for individuals with substance or alcohol use disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns. Our assessment process will determine whether participating in our IOP could help you reach your goals.

In general, however, those who enjoy the most significant benefits from our daytime intensive outpatient program include:

  • Patients with a high level of personal accountability
  • Those with a stable, supportive home
  • People with access to reliable transportation
  • Patients who have already completed a detox program
  • Those with a lower risk of relapsing

People with a long history of substance use, those who have relapsed or overdosed in the past, and those who need close supervision to remain accountable may not be well suited for an intensive outpatient program.

Vertava Health – Mississippi Offers IOP Rehab in Southaven, MS

Suppose you or someone you care about has a substance or alcohol use disorder but does not need the 24-hour care available in a residential program. In that case, our daytime intensive outpatient program may be the answer. Contact Vertava Health Mississippi today at 844.470.0410 for more information about our intensive outpatient program in Southaven, Mississippi.